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little birdAll you need to know how to do is email the text and photos you want on your pages.little bird

Please see more information in the "Content" section below. If you have an existing website and need a new look I can get your content from your existing site. If you don't have time to choose fonts, a logo, and colors I can do it for you. I know you're busy running a business and we can always make changes.

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You'll need to have your content (text and pictures) ready for me to start on your website. If you need help writing your text there are many content writers available. Email me your content or if files are too large we can use a cloud service or a flash drive. I can send you a link where you can upload directly to my cloud service and you don't even have to sign up for an account. Don't worry about trying to make your Word document look like you want it on your web page. I'll format it nicely.

Choose a domain ( You can see if it's available at Whois, type in the URL you'd like ( then click the search button.

You can choose a font for your title and headings from Google Fonts. Choose a font for your regular page text from there too or I'll choose one for you that I think looks good with it. If you see a website with a font you like let me know which site. I can match it or come really close. If you're not happy with the way your chosen fonts look on your website I'll change them up to three times at no charge. You can also buy fonts and email them to me.

You can choose from any color chart or color palette website, or you could tell me you like a color from a website you found and I can match it. I can match colors from business cards, logos, and photos too. Then I can add colors that look good with it or just make some things lighter and darker.

I'll make a test website for you which should take about a week unless it's a large site or needs a lot of graphic and/or formatting work. You'll love it or want to make small changes. After any changes are made I'll do some fine tuning and have your brand new website online within a week. That's it!


Upfront pricing – up to six page websites are only $1,500 without recurring fees. $750 for me to start and $750 after it's completed and online! If you need more pages it's just $50 per extra page. Every product in an e-commerce site doesn't count as a page. It's a little difficult to give a flat price on those so please let me know what you're selling and I'll give you a quote.

Other fees – your domain ( is about $18 per year, your SSL is about $15 per year. Hosting with email service ([email protected]) is around $10 per month unless you'd like to pay for three years upfront, then it's less. If you need an e-commerce site it's $15 more per month.

I'll be happy to make content changes for you for two weeks free of charge. Updates in the future will be billed at $25 per hour. If you have an e-commerce site you can make changes to your products. Add, delete, edit desciptions, and change photos. I'll show you how or I can do it for you.

If you have any questions please contact me.