Flying Colors

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screenshot of Environmental Monitoring Technology

Environmental Monitoring Technology

I used the colors from their old site but changed them slightly and redrew their logo so it could be a scalable vector graphic (SVG). That way their current customers will know it's still the same place but they updated their website. The fonts are the same as the fonts on their reports. I used Photoshop for that Home image. This is a ninety page website!

screenshot of Sumner County Food Bank

Sumner County Food Bank

I designed their site to look similar to the graphics on their trucks. After reading their content, I hoped to convey "from Heaven to the people" with the header shape. They do such amazing work there, feeding so many families!

Flying Colors is still a new business so only two websites so far. Hoping for many more soon!


All samples could be used for any business. You can have a slider, YouTube player, audio player, photo gallery, sidebar, or anything else you might want wherever you want.

The YouTube player plays what you have in your playlist on YouTube. Playlist changes in YouTube automatically change in your website. See it on the Sample 2 Music page.

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Simply Essential Screenshot

Sample 1right arrowarrow up

This is minimal style with a full width, panoramic slider. All the photos used to be red, yellow, and blue but I changed them all to pink, orange, and teal. Now there are pink strawberries, wine, and taillights!

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Playing Music Screenshot

left arrowSample 2arrow up

The Music page has a YouTube player and audio player. I'll set the YouTube player to any aspect ratio to fit your videos and the audio player can be any color/s.

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Birds of a Feather Screenshot

Sample 3right arrowarrow up

The newest sample here has a flying bird logo like mine and a little more movement. Any nice background picture on the home page would look great and I could get theme colors from it.

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Restaurant Screenshot

left arrowSample 4arrow up

This is a nice clean look with a menu that's scalable, searchable, and drops to one column on small screens. There are tiny clickable photos that would be an asset to any menu.

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Seamstress Screenshot

Sample 5right arrowarrow up

This is known as a one page layout because the links scroll you to the section. It's so much fun for websites without a lot of content.

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Company Landscaping Screenshot

left arrowSample 6arrow up

This looks great in all colors. I made the logo starting with a simple, straight flower bud. The slider is unusual too!

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New York Pizzeria Screenshot

Sample 7right arrowarrow up

I wanted to show that a complex menu can be made into a regular, responsive web page so there's no need to use a photo or PDF file. This way if someone is searching for an item like "lasagna" in your city your website will show in the search results.

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More Graphics

EMT Logo 1979
Logo circa 1979
EMT Logo 2005
Logo I redrew in 2005 using Xara X for their website I made back then.
EMT Logo 2020
Logo I redrew in 2020 using Inkscape for their new website. This one is a scalable vector graphic (SVG).

Business Cards & Coffee Mugs

I'm happy to design a business card to match your website too!

How about some coffee mugs with your logo one one side and employee's names on the other?

business card coffee mug

I wanted to show how nice a "shop" page would look for e-commerce websites so I made my Coffee Mugs page. It's not just a sample, you can buy the mugs.  smiley