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All layouts / samples can be used for any business. I just chose themes for examples, except the first one (no theme). You can have a slider, YouTube player, audio player, photo gallery, sidebar, or anything else you might want wherever you want. These layouts are a place to start. I hope you'll look over them all and note what you like and don't like. I can change almost everything. If you like a sample just like it is you can buy it and I'll change the sample here. No two websites will look alike!

The YouTube player plays what you have in your playlist on YouTube. Playlist changes in YouTube automatically change in your website. See the sample on the Layout 2 Music page. Your copyright date in the footer also changes automatically when the year changes.

Please click / tap the picture or the link to see the live preview.

Simply Essential Screenshot

Layout 1right arrowarrow up

This is a minimal style layout with a full width, panoramic slider. There aren't any graphics except arrows but we can add some if you'd like.

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Playing Music Screenshot

left arrowLayout 2arrow up

The Music page has a YouTube player and audio player. I'll set the YouTube player to any aspect ratio to fit your videos.

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Restaurant Screenshot

Layout 3right arrowarrow up

This is a nice clean look with a Menu that's scalable, searchable, and drops to one column on small screens.

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Seamstress Screenshot

left arrowLayout 4arrow up

This is known as a one page layout because the links scroll you to the section. It's so much fun for websites without a lot of content.

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Company Landscaping Screenshot

Layout 5right arrowarrow up

This layout looks great in all colors. I made the logo starting with a simple, straight flower bud. There's an optional decoration next to the contact form for larger screen sizes.

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