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Hello, my name is Carrie and I've always been drawn to design. I first learned to code to make a web card (one page website) for a sick friend and attached a guest book so people around the World could sign it back in 2001. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn and I've always kept up with the latest codes. I made a few websites over a decade ago and my clients told me their sales had quadrupled. I’m so glad I have time now to do this again.

I use Notepad for coding then check for errors and/or typos using the W3C's Validation Services and Google's Developer Tools. For graphics I use Inkscape and Photoshop CS2. I also use Photoshop to adjust photos.

I'm a perfectionist with probably a touch of OCD, but those are good qualities for a web designer / web developer. I'll make sure your website works beautifully for years to come. I take great pride in this as I know you'll be very proud of your new website.

Thank you for your interest!